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Cancer Resources for the Recently Diagnosed: Search Strategies

Resources available to the people of Oahu through the Hawaii State Library and the Internet

Search Strategies

The following search strategies were used in finding information for this guide, and perhaps may be of use to you. The Hawaii State Public Library System uses the Dewey Decimal System to classify nonfiction publications. When visiting the library in person, this can be helpful when browsing the shelves. Because Dewey Classifications are used, you will find books with similar subjects filed together by call number. Subject Headings and Keywords & Search Terms may assist you in searching through the HSPLS catalog online. 

Dewey Classifications

362 Social welfare problems and services
362.1-362.4 Problems of and services to persons with illness and disabilities

362.196 Chronic diseases
616 Diseases
616.04 [Domestic medicine, medical emergencies, intensive (critical) care, pathology, psychosomatic medicine]
616.047 2 Pain
616.99 Tumors and miscellaneous communicable diseases
616.994 Cancers (Malignant tumors [neoplasms])

Subject Headings

Cancer -- Alternative treatment
Cancer -- Chemotherapy
Cancer -- Diagnosis
Cancer -- Diet therapy
Cancer -- Dictionaries
Cancer -- Encyclopedias
Cancer -- Nutrition
Cancer -- Handbooks
Cancer -- Hawaii
Cancer -- Patients -- family relationships
Cancer -- Patients -- nutrition -- popular works
Cancer -- Popular works
Cancer -- Therapy
Cancer -- Treatment

Keywords & Search Terms

cancer AND therapy
cancer AND (treatment OR therapy)
cancer AND diagnosis 
cancer AND (encyclopedia OR dictionary)
cancer AND hawaii
cancer AND (nutrition OR diet)
cancer AND "alternative treatment"
cancer AND "alternative medicine"
cancer AND [your particular type of cancer]
cancer caregiver
cancer diagnosis
cancer pain