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Increase digital health literacy in your library through these strategies, resources and best practices.

Libraries and Digital Health Literacy


Digital health literacy is "a set of skills and knowledge that are essential for productive interactions with technology-based health tools" (Chan, C.V. & Kaufman, D.F., 2011, p. 1).  Digital health literacy is also known as:

→ Health information literacy

→ eHealth

→ mHealth



Digital health literacy is related to an individual's ability to:

→ More effectively communicate with the attending physician

→ ‚ÄčEnhance their use of medical insurance

→ Self-manage their health needs and

→ Higher perceived understanding of health topics (Neter, E., et al., 20)


Role of Libraries

Libraries can increase patrons' digital health literacy skills and competencies by:

→ Building programs specific to digital health literacy

→ Integrating digital health literacy into existing programs

→ Training libraries on service delivery



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