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Artsy Fartsy: Apps and Web Games

A kid's introduction to the wonderful world of art.

Leonardo's Cat

Leonardo’s Cat

StoryToys Entertainment Limited/Savage Studios, iOS, $2.99

Learning about Leonardo Da Vinci was easier or more fun in this app that challenges players with Renaissance-inspired puzzles. You may even meet other Renaissance artists, like Michelangelo, along the way.

Colorful cartoon graphics, background images of some of the da Vinci’s drawings, animated sequences, a cherry soundtrack, and Sir Patrick Stewart’s familiar voice (standing in for da Vinci’s), will entertain and challenge viewers through level 60.” – School Library Journal

ExplorArt Klee

ExplorArt Klee – The Art of Paul Klee for Kids app

By Lapisly S.C.P., $4.99

Kids get to explore the creative landscapes of Paul Klee’s work, known as PK Planet, with Cici and Ku, in this app. Children can play directly with six of Klee’s masterpieces and build their own dreamy landscapes.

“The overall experience is soothing and whimsical—a thoroughly delightful introduction to a complex artist. This user-driven exploration of Klee’s works provides a good opportunity for discussions with parents or teachers, and will pair nicely with a unit on Klee or 20th-century art" - School Library Journal



Make your very own cubist face just like Pablo Picasso! This fun and simple-to-use web interactive makes everyone look like a surrealist master. You can print or email your masterpiece when you’re done.