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The St. Catherine Experience for Graduate Students: Welcome!

This Guide is intended to give a foundation of knowledge to graduate students at St. Catherine University, focusing on it's history, community, and services

About the St. Catherine Experience for Graduate Students

The St. Catherine's Experience for Graduate Students:
Information and Resources

St. Catherine University hosts a community full of dedicated, talented individuals. This community is not just within your program or cohort but across the institution at all levels--administration, faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students as well as special departments and offices dedicated to supporting the varied needs of students.  

This guide is intended to help all graduate students independently explore--in whatever depth they choose--the University and its many resources and to inspire making connections with the broader community.

This guide was inspired by a chance conversation with an undergraduate student in the honors program, regarding her intention in pursuing her education, her thoughts on leadership and social justice and her experiences living and working on campus. While most graduate students live, work and hold jobs outside St Catherine's two campuses, the plethora of support and opportunities to engage are still available to us. This guide is an efficient way to find the help you need and explore from wherever you are, whenever you have the time. 

Throughout this guide, hover the cursor over the resource titles to see a description.


St. Catherine University Library

Couer de Catherine & Our Lady of Victory Chapel



















St. Catherine University Libraries
Phone: 651-690-6652

Facebook: St. Kate's Library
Twitter: @StKatesLibrary

St. Paul Campus

St. Paul Campus Hours:  

Mon-Thurs  7:30am-11:30pm 
Fri               7:30-9pm

​Sun             10am-11:30pm 


Library Calendar Link Here


St. Paul Campus:

1st floor Coeur de Catherine
2004 Randolph Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55105

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Minneapolis Campus

Minneapolis Campus Hours:

Mon-Thurs  7:30-10pm 
Fri               7:30-6pm

Sat              Closed 
Sun            12pm-6pm 


Library Calendar Link Here


4th floor Old Main
601 25th Avenue So
Minneapolis, MN 55454

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