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The St. Catherine Experience for Graduate Students: St Catherine University

This Guide is intended to give a foundation of knowledge to graduate students at St. Catherine University, focusing on it's history, community, and services

An Overview of the History of St. Catherine University

St. Catherine University (formerly the College of St. Catherine) was founded in St. Paul in 1905 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, under the leadership of Mother Seraphine Ireland. The University is named for St. Catherine of Alexandria, the fourth-century Egyptian lay philosopher who suffered martyrdom for her faith.

A site for the University was chosen atop the city’s second-highest hill, in the area now known as Highland Park. The first benefactor was Hugh Derham of Rosemount, who contributed $20,000 for the first building. The Sisters fundraised the other half of the building's cost in no small part by selling artworks and painted china sets produced by the Sisters and their students. Derham Hall opened in January 1905, offering classes to high school boarding students and lower-division college students. Upper-division college courses were first offered during the 1911–12 academic year. In spring 1913, Bachelor of Arts degrees were conferred on the first two students to complete four years at the new institution. Mother Antonia McHugh, who served as dean from 1914 to 1929, became the first president of St. Catherine in 1929. St. Kate’s has had 11 presidents to date, all women.

To dive deeper into the history of St. Kate's as an institution and learn more about the students and their experiences, use the varied
resources below to begin.
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Books & Manuscripts: St. Kate's History

This list is compiled of books and manuscripts (an original text of an author's work, handwritten or now usually typed, that may or may not have gone on to be published) about the rich history of St Kate's and written by authors within the institution. 

Digital Resources: St. Kate's History

This section lists resources that are available online for public use and include the complete runs of St Kate's publications, as well as visual resources like photos and artworks.

Archival Materials: St. Kate's History