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The St. Catherine Experience for Graduate Students: The Reflective Student

This Guide is intended to give a foundation of knowledge to graduate students at St. Catherine University, focusing on it's history, community, and services

Introduction to the Reflective Student

The Reflective Student: Seeking Knowledge, Deepening Understanding

Graduate students embody the St. Catherine's mission, emphasizing intellectual inquiry and social teaching, challenging students to transformational leadership. All undergraduate students take a course called The Reflective Woman (TRW) that explores identity development within social contexts, different approaches to truth and evidence, and ways to work toward community and justice. It also provides a common experience that fosters a sense of academic community and grounds the educational experiences of students in the St. Catherine mission. Although there is no single course that all graduate students take, this section offers some of the same resources from the undergraduate TRW course as a means to explore these themes independently.

Textbooks for TRW

Further reference and reflection