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Exploring Texas through Books: Home

This libguide is for kids who live in Texas, plan to visit Texas or who just like to learn about new places. It explores Texas using books, websites and apps.


Fast Facts About Texas

Capital:  Austin

State Nickname:  Lone Star State

State Motto:  Friendship

State Song:  "Texas, Our Texas"

Purpose of this Guide

Texas is a grand place.  Would you like to visit the state? Do you live there and would like to learn more about it?  Do you just like learning about new places?  If you answered yes to any of the questions then you are in the right place!  This guide is all about Texas.  

Texas is the Friendship State

How did Texas get its name?

Texas comes from the Caddo Native American word teysha which means friends or allies.  The Spanish Conquistadors encountered the Caddo indians around 1540 in east Texas.  The Caddos called the Spanish "tayshas" and the Spanish translation of the word was "tejas."  The American people converted it to "Texas."

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