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TVMS Library: Severe Weather Brochure

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Severe Weather

Project Focus

You are being asked to write a brochure for people who have just moved to a new area to help them be aware of the severe weather risk they may face.  In order for them to be safe you must inform them of the type of severe weather that may occur in their new surroundings, be sure to include in your article:


  • What are the dangers that can occur because of this severe weather? (min of 3)
  • Where does it occur in the USA and why in that location?
  • How do they predict it? (Detail/Explain)
  • Before the storm, how does one prepare and/or adapt to make sure of survival? (3)
  • Other useful or interesting facts (min of 3 that are not from above)
  • Minimum of 4 pictures that relate to your severe weather topic

Brochure Example

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